A Complete Guide To SEO Traffic Generation

SEO Traffic Guide

A Complete Guide To SEO Traffic Generation

The best products and services in the marketplace are no good unless people know about them.

In this article we are going to show you a complete guide to SEO traffic generation.

Whether you operate an e-commerce business or simply have a business website, the success of your business depends upon the volume of traffic on your website.

So, are you ready to learn how to generate SEO traffic?

Let’s get to it!

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SEO Traffic Generation

What Is The SEO Traffic?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the practice of improving your website with the purpose of generating traffic and ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In principle, SEO applies to all search engines, but in practice, Google is the most important, with an 87.35 percent share of the search market, followed by Bing at 5.53 percent and Yahoo at 2.83 percent.

SEO traffic is search engine traffic, or users who typed a term or query into Google, browsed the results, and then clicked over to your website.

This excludes paid search engine traffic, which refers to people who typed a query into a search engine and then clicked on your PPC ad that appeared above the results.

There’s no denying that the internet search landscape is forever evolving. Google is constantly updating its search algorithms to deliver a better user experience – especially to mobile users.

Why organic traffic?

The answer is simple: organic traffic is an essential way of determining that a website is functioning as it should.

Plus, organic visitor traffic helps you to build an audience and keep your marketing costs down.

Sure, it’s possible to drive more traffic to a website using paid ads like PPC marketing,,,

,,but it makes more sense to put most of your efforts into boosting organic visitors.

Some people wrongly assume that organic traffic is pointless because you can simply “buy” traffic through various marketing and advertising mediums.

However, organic traffic will always be the most important way to drive visitors to a website.

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The Road To Organic SEO Success Is Essential But Isn’t Easy

There is one fact that you must keep in mind, and that is,,,

organic SEO is harder to achieve today than it was several years ago. That’s due to a combination of the following factors:

  • Search engine algorithm updates. Google updates its search algorithms several hundred times each year; So you have to be abreast by keeping up with the changes.
  • Search engine innovations. In recent years, Google has made it possible for people to search the Web in new ways, such as through smartphone apps, voice commands, and IoT devices;
  • Increased competition. Each year, over half a million new websites get launched on the World Wide Web.

The Pros Of Using SEO For Organic Growth 

There are a ton of reasons why we are a firm believer in SEO (besides the fact that this has been our main strategy as an affiliate marketer). 

First of all, organic traffic is hot traffic. 

Let’s put it this way. 

Imagine you’re a cat owner who’s having trouble keeping your beloved cat’s coat shiny.

If you’re like most human beings, you’ll jump on Google and type “how to keep my cat’s coat shiny.”

Here’s what you’ll get:


Now, let’s say you click on one of these articles and read it through.

You love it and appreciate the advice given.

The author seems like a true cat lover and expert.

Now, what if in one of their blog’s points, they mention a great vitamin proven to bring out the glow in your pet’s coat?

You’ll buy it of course and you will satisfy your search intent.

But there’s another pro to using SEO for organic growth:

When you do SEO organic growth,,

–you’re building an asset that’ll continue growing with time.

PPC ads are like a faucet fed by money. Stop the money, and the faucet stops pouring water out.

But with SEO, the opposite is true.

You don’t need a large initial investment to begin with –

–nothing but time and hard work.

And as the months and years roll by, your asset will snowball into a money making engine.

Your site will age and gain higher domain authority.

Your posts will start ranking on the SERPs. You can continue earning from blog posts you wrote a decade ago.

And, this is exactly why SEO is the preferred strategy for organic growth.

There’s No Viable Alternative to Organic Search

SEO Traffic Generation image

Another fact to consider is,,

–there is currently (and probably never will be) an alternative to organic search.

The simple truth is, when people want to answer a question,

they’ll type their query into a search engine.

Most people don’t automatically visit directories, nor will they always find the answer to their questions in Wikipedia.

Google and other search engines like Yahoo are still the definitive way for Internet users to find answers relevant to their questions.

The Secrets to SEO Traffic Success

Now that you understand why organic traffic plays such a pivotal role in boosting website visitor numbers,,,

–you will undoubtedly want to learn the “secrets” to SEO traffic success.

The truth is, there aren’t any secrets but more tried and tested common sense techniques.

The following provides a definitive description of what you should be doing for SEO traffic generation:

Keyword Research

Arguably the most essential foundation step of improving any website’s SEO begins with keyword research.

You need to find out what people search for and what will most likely drive them to click or tap on your website links.

For instance, if you run a website selling computer parts, people might search for things like:

  • PC case;
  • Hard drives;
  • SSD drives;
  • Motherboards;
  • RAM;
  • Windows 10 Professional.

You can use tools such as Keyword Planner in Google Ads and even Google Trends for inspiration.

Monitor Your Search Engine Rankings

One essential task to carry out periodically is monitoring your search engine rankings.

You can use many SEO tools to check where your pages rank for specific search terms and keywords.

That way, you will know which pages rank well and where there is room for improvement.

You should also monitor your search engine rankings in collaboration with an analytics tool like Google Analytics. We also use RankMath which is an excellent plugin with WordPress.

Add Content Consistently

You also shouldn’t be adding content only every once in a while but on a regular and consistent basis.

The problem is, creating content is hard! Especially if you’re creating high-quality original content, which should be your goal.

More power to the bloggers that are putting out great content several times a week.

You need to have the same commitment to post every day or every week. Make writing a habit! Or invite content writers to do some work for you.

You need to be motivated to share your knowledge and help your readers. Money might be a motivation but I think a personal motivation like improving your writing is perhaps stronger.

Whether you add several pieces of content a week or just one, it is important that whatever you do you do it consistently. Your visitors need to have something to look forward to on a regular basis. Google also favors sites that get updated regularly.

It’s also good to have as much quality content on your site as possible. Each piece of content will add additional keywords and opportunities for users to find you with a search engine.

Remember That Mobile Users

These days, many people are using mobile devices all of the time.

They’re likely to come across your website while they’re just about anywhere and on many different types of devices.

If you want to build your traffic, it’s important that you make sure that your site is optimized for mobile users.

They need to always have a fast and seamless experience when they’re on your site.

Google has even said that mobile comes first with indexing these days,,,

–so it’s important that you’re aware of this. You should adjust accordingly.


If you make sure that mobile users have a great experience on your site, then Google will keep sending quality traffic your way.

SEO web traffic image

A Complete Guide To SEO Traffic Generation

SEO traffic generation doesn’t have to be difficult at all,,

,,but it does take time and loads of time indeed.

By following our tips above you’ll start getting plenty of traffic for your own website soon enough. Just remember to be consistent and give it some time.

Also, make sure you’re putting in the work and also being smart about your overall SEO and organic traffic generation strategy.

If you have any questions or comments? Need more tips or advice? Leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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