10 Best Christian Affiliate Programs For Christian Bloggers In 2023

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Do you run a blog that promotes the Christian faith? 

Or, perhaps you own a social media account that focused on topics about Christianity? 

Whatever the case today we are going to show you our 10 Best Christian Affiliate programs for promoting in 2023.

In this article, you’ll learn how to break into the Christian niche and Christian affiliate programs. 

So, let’s get started and dive in!

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What Is Christian Affiliate Marketing?

Simple put, a Christian affiliate program targets online consumers of the Christian faith with products designed for their interests and niche. These products appeal to the global reach of  2.4 billion Christians across the world.

As an affiliate of these programs, you can collect a percentage of any products sold to customers.

These affiliate programs are an excellent fit for Christian bloggers, faith-based news sites, or monetized sites that serve parents, private schools, churches, and other organizations that are involved in the Christian faith.

What Can You Promote As A Christian Affiliate?

As a fellow Christian I know we choose to practice our faith in most parts of our lives. We read Christian books, attend Christian events, and buy Christian music, gifts for other people who are in our circle or family. As a result, there is a wide range of products to promote.

Some of the most popular products in this niche space are :

  • Christian greeting cards
  • Christian clothing
  • Music, Books and Bibles
  • Homeschool curriculums
  • Church supplies
  • Classes & courses

How Do I Make Money With Christian Affiliate Programs?

Making money with these programs isn’t that difficult.

Yeah, the scope is promising as the religious market generates around $350 billion a year. 

Churches and houses of worship are some of the most substantial customers in this niche. They serve congregations of anywhere from a few dozen to several thousand parishioners especially in North-America.

The average dollar value for some of their orders can be huge.

If you want to cater to an audience of Christian readers, Church Source is a great option for you.  They are an online store and a Christian market provider of Protestant and Catholic bibles, materials for bible studies, reference books, and other related literature.

On top of that they provide churches and church leaders with the many marketing materials like Christian greeting cards and/or Christian-themed figurines. Most of their products are geared toward church leaders. 

Affiliate commissions usually start at 10% per sale. And with their products costing an average of $100, you’re looking at a $10 per sale income. 

That could mean hundreds to even thousands of dollars — depending on the size of your audience. 

We should also note that you will get a generous cookie duration of 60 days. 

 Commission rate: 10%

 Cookie duration: 60 days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, eCheck, Paypal, Credit Card

 Types of ProductsBible/bible study materials

If you write content about medieval Christian art then you will like Mozaico

Even if this is an unusual subject to blog about (Medieval Christian Art), you cannot ignore that the potential of a massive niche.

Mozaico offers hundreds of mosaic reproductions of famous paintings. Each product is hand-crafted and made from high-quality glass and marble materials. 

It’s a great affiliate program for people who have a keen appreciation for good art. 

The plus side is  that affiliates can get as much as 15% on commissions. They can also enjoy a lengthy 90-day cookie window. 

 Commission rate: 15%

 Cookie duration: 90 days cookie

 Payment methods: 30 days Paypal

 Types of Products: Mosaic Medieval Art

It is safe to say that Nest Learning is one of the most reliable sources of Christian educational supplies in the USA. They offer everything from books and movies to games and toys. 

On average the products that you can promote on your website cost anywhere from a few dollars and up to $100. Also, they have items that are sold in collections or bulk, with  prices reaching at a higher level.

Their affiliate program delivers an 11% commission rate, with an option to go as high as 15% based on your sales volume. 

 Commission rate: 11-15%

 Cookie duration: 30 days cookie

 Payment methodsDirect deposit, Credit card, eCheck, Paypal

 Types of ProductsEducational 

Since incorporation in 2003, Ivy Robes is a household name for church apparel and supplies.

They offer everything from chorale robes and christening outfits to clergy attire, baptismal attire and church supplies.  

The great thing about Ivy Robes is that they don’t just cater to the US market, they also ship globally. 

So, if your audience spans beyond the boundaries of the US, Ivy Robes is an effective affiliate program for you. 

It offers affiliates a nice 7% commission on all successful sales. You can also get great deals and discounts. 

 Commission rate: 7%

 Cookie duration: 30 days cookie

 Payment methodsDirect deposit

 Types of Products: Apparel

Founded in 1977, Alpha Omega Publications is a homeschooling resource for parents who want to give their kids an education based on the teachings and foundation of Jesus Christ.

They provide homeschool curriculums and classroom resources for many subjects, including math, science, and foreign languages. On top of that they also have a great affiliate program. Hosted by CJ Affiliate Network this platform will connect you to many other offers. 

Even though this affiliate program pays only 4% commission you will have the potential to market to homeschool networks and programs that may submit large orders.

 Commission rate: 4%

 Cookie durationCookieless tracking

 Payment methodsPaper check, direct deposit or Payoneer

 Types of ProductsHomeschool tutorials and courses

No matter if you have a Christian blog, a website, or a church , Bein Harim Tours is a great affiliate program to join.  Yeah, they provide year-round tours of Israel and their selection includes holy land packages with private tours of sites historically significant to the Christian faith.

Their service includes assistance with flight and lodging arrangements; plus they provide daily tours, airport transfers, and activity packages.

The Christian tours are multi-day packages running from a range of $500 to $2000 a person.

Hosted on ShareASale this program offers an impressive 15% Commission.

 Commission rate: 15%

 Cookie duration: 90 days

 Payment methodsDirect deposit, Credit card, eCheck, Paypal

 Types of ProductsTravel tours and vacation packages

From Dayspring’s online store, you can find Christian-themed clothes, shoes, accessories, and gifts. This is amazing for people who are running  blogs that promote Christianity niche or running a lifestyle websites. 

Dayspring offers a ton of incentives and bonuses to its affiliates. That is one of the many reasons why they’re such a popular Christian affiliate program. 

On the plus side you get a competitive commission rate of 13% and other perks like free domestic shipping, affiliate-exclusive discounts, weekly newsletters, and more. 

Resources are designed and planned by their in-house creators at Dayspring.

 Commission rate: 13%

 Cookie duration: 30 days

 Payment methodsDirect deposit, Paypal

 Types of ProductsChristian-themed clothes, shoes, accessories, and gifts

Faithbox is a Christian-focused subscription service and they offer an amazing affiliate program. Each month, subscribers are sent containers with books, accessories, and art.

The products are sourced from companies that have been assessed for their positive practices. Customers can purchase a $30+ subscription or make individually purchase past boxes for a price ranging from $20 to $40.

 Commission rate$15 per subscription

 Cookie duration: 30 days

 Payment methodsDirect deposit, Credit card, eCheck, Paypal

 Types of Products: Subscription boxes

ChristianCafe is one of the oldest Christian dating websites in the market. It is a major destination for Christian singles who want to meet others who share their faith and lifestyle. 

The great news about this program is that it has one of the highest commissions available at 40% for every sale. Their cookie policy is also one of the most generous at 120 days. 

 Commission rate: 40%

 Cookie duration: 120 days

 Payment methodsNot Listed

 Types of Products: Online dating service

The Judaica WebStore deals in craft goods from Israel, including jewelry, art, clothing, and edible gifts. Almost anything you’d find in a Jerusalem gift shop can be found here.

Variety is the name of the game for this webstore. They carry over 20,000 faith-related products and ship to customers globally. Despite the store not being Christian itself their site does sell many products that appeal directly to Christians.

With prices range from $40 to $300 for each product,,

you can get 10% on affiliate commissions, plus exclusive discounts on personal purchases. 

One drawback is that Judaica WebStore has very specific requirements for its affiliate partners,,

So, before you sign up make sure to check the requirements.

 Commission rate: 10%

 Cookie duration: 30 days

 Payment methodsPayPal, Check, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer

 Types of ProductsIsrael-sourced crafts

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There you have it our 10 Best Christian Affiliate Programs for Christian bloggers in 2023. As you can see from the summary table below, the commission rate in the Christian affiliate industry varies. You can get rates at 4% while some even go up as high as 40%. 

So, after reading through this comprehensive list we provided, we hope you’re ready to join the Christian program(s) that you like for your niche site.

Go ahead and pick the ones that best resonate with your Christian faith, your website, and your audience. 

But before you do please remember to leave your feedback and your valuable comments in the link below:

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