10 Great Clickbank Alternatives in 2023 (With Amazing High Commissions)

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In this post we are going to showcase 10 Great Clickbank Alternatives for 2023,

If you are on the sidelines and/or feeling that ClickBank isn’t exactly living up to your needs,,,

–then this post is for you 


This won’t be a useless list of 100 low-quality alternatives to ClickBank (95 of which you probably won’t use).

Our recommendation for Great Clickbank Alternative for affiliates are:

  1. Rakuten Marketing
  2. CJ Affiliate
  3. JVZoo
  4. ShareASale
  5. Market Health
  6. Peerfly
  7. GlobalWide Media
  8. Mindvalley
  9. eBay Partner Network
  10. Avangate Affiliate Network

This is only the goodies so let’s get started and dive right in.

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Who are Affiliates?

An affiliate can be either an individual or a business. Like most of us affiliates are typically bloggers or other content creators like working of Youtube, TikTok, Pinterest etc.

Simple put, they are people who help promote a product or service by writing blog posts, making videos, and engaging in other marketing activities.

When a visitor to an affiliate’s website makes a purchase or fills out a lead form on the affiliate company’s website, the affiliate is usually compensated with a commission.

What are Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate networks act as a go-between for businesses and their affiliates (the middle-man). They manage the relationship and act as a check and balance.

When you join an affiliate network, you usually gain access to all of the affiliate companies that are managed by that network.

For example, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale are three popular affiliate networks. These three networks work with a wide range of brands, or advertisers.

About ClickBank Image

Yeah the truth is that over 100,000 affiliates worldwide choose ClickBank as their preferred marketplace and they are around for more than 25 years.

So, if you might be wondering are there any real alternative to this market giant? 

Let’s take a look!

Interested in promoting physical products?

Rakuten Marketing is here for you as they specialize in physical product offers such as high fashion, jewelry, and accessories.

They have more than 1,000 advertisers selling a wide range of products for you to choose from.

One drawback is that it is more difficult for newbies to become an affiliate for this network than for others. To be an advertisers, you’ll need a well-trafficked website.

Nevertheless, Rakuten has partnered with a number of well-known organizations and brands, including Ray-Ban, Vans, and the American Heart Association.

What Makes Rakuten Better Than Clickbank?

Choose Rakuten as your alternative affiliate program if you want to start promoting physical products and are confident that your current website has heavy traffic to get you through the application process with an ease.

CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest affiliate networks in operation today. It has a global presence and operates affiliate programs for software, retail, and other products/services.

Over the years CJ Affiliate has amassed a large following of supporters who regard it as a viable ClickBank alternative.

One of the great things about CJ is that they offer from a more exclusive brands with lots of easy selling luxury lines like Apple computers.

Nevertheless, their application process is not as simple like ClickBank. 


They mostly go for affiliates with at least a high-quality, established website. Plus, once you’re inside the platform, you’ll still have to apply to the program separately.

What Makes CJ Affiliate Better Than Clickbank?

The main reason for choosing CJ remains the same as it has for many years: access to high-end luxury brands which normally equal a higher conversion rate.

In fact, many experienced affiliate marketers come here to sort through fewer spam offers. Yeah, CJ may be the best affiliate alternative to ClickBank

With almost million active affiliates the JVZoo’s affiliate program is considered to be one of the largest network.

This platform specialize in digital information products, which makes some of their offers look like those from ClickBank. Simple put JVZoo is a network of affiliates and vendors.

As an alternative to ClickBank this is where the difference shows:

  • It’s more beginner-friendly. At JVZoo, it isn’t as hard to get accepted as with other platforms. Plus, once you’re in, you’ll have a ton of materials you can use to help you to get started.

  • Instant payouts. The moment you make a sale, you get a payout. Cool, no waiting around for weeks or even months for your commissions to make it to your growing bank account. 

What Makes JVZoo  Better Than Clickbank?

JVZoo affiliates will look and feel similar to the Clickbank affiliates who opt to make the switch.

It sells similar products, so you can leverage your experience from CB and get a good head start here. Also, if you prefer to sell digital products, JVZoo could be the solution you’re looking for.

On top of that their network is well known for helping newcomers get started.

ShareASale is another site that functions similarly to ClickBank. Affiliates can promote thousands of products, brands, and even other websites through this platform.

They are considered to be a huge affiliate platform with tons of different offers to choose from. Representing some well-known brands such as Reebok and Etsy.

But, the commission will be vary— depending on the program.

What Makes ShareASale  Better Than Clickbank?

Some of the reasons why ShareAsale is better than ClickBank are:

  • They have tons of physical product offers to choose from. And these products vary widely, from fashion, apparel to home and garden products
  • They can be used hand-in-hand with ClickBank to leverage and grow your business

Market Health is a well-known affiliate marketing company that specializes in the health/beauty industry. 

Despite its niche driven focus it still has a large number of products to choose and promote.They have a wide range of health products from Vitamins and supplements to powder, and cream products that are shipped directly to the consumer.

What Makes Market Health  Better Than Clickbank?

  • It’s niche driven and stocked with premium health products and exclusive deals.  ClickBank might also have a large stock of health products but if you want a good list of premium health products, then go to Market Health.

  • It has a better support system. Once you’re in, you’ll get an unmatch support system. For example, if you have a ton of traffic, you can negotiate to get higher commission rates on each referral.

Are you looking to promote CPA (cost-for-action) offers? 

PeerFly is a CPA affiliate network that takes pride in well-curated offers and an active user platform.

While PeerFly does not have as many affiliates offers to choose from, on the flip side they have a large number of non-digital product offers.

What Makes Peerfly Better Than Clickbank?

  • Physical products.  Note that ClickBank’s platform is mostly digital products, while Peerfly has a mixture of both digital and physical offers. You can work with fashion, health, and eCommerce products, as well as some B2B offers. 
  • Better quality offers to sift through. PeerFly is a respected platform with sky-high reviews. It’s also smaller, with a focus on high-quality offers. Hence, you won’t waste time with the low-quality stuff.

GlobalWide Media, is also a CPA network.  But on like Peerfly this one generates more high-end offers from destination booking and service signups.

In this program offers are available from brands such as Hotels.com, Groupon, and MindSpark.

Believe it or not this program has dedicated account managers.  Which is not common in this market space.

The drawback is that this network is difficult to join, and those who do are closely monitored by big brother. 

What Makes GlobalWide Media Better Than Clickbank?

You can choose GlobalWide as an alternative to ClickBank if you want to work with a reputable network that focuses on CPA offers.

Nevertheless, getting acceptance can be difficult so try and mix it with a few other CPA alternatives like Peerfly.

Mindvalley is a platform for online learning. It’s not as large as Udemy or Skillshare, but with 12 million students from 80 countries, it’s no slouch in this market.

One drawback though is that Mindvalley only provides personal growth programs.

But their courses are not that expensive and average around $300.

What Makes Mindvalley Better Than Clickbank?

If you want to work with an affiliate network that focus on online learning, go with Mindvalley.

You will gain access to features such as 30% commission within an average of 30 days cookie window.

Skillshare has over 30,000 products, ranging widely from how to cook to how to start up your own online business.

Plus, it has a warm community vibes to it, something that other online learning platforms like Udemy misses.

What Makes Skillshare Better Than Clickbank?

  • Skillshare is all about courses. Which is great, if your audience is the type that loves self improvement. 

  • Skillshare can be used alongside other products. It is great to supplement your other affiliate programs.

We are sure you have heard about eBay.

Yeah, the eBay Partner Network, like Amazon and Walmart, is a massive retail-focused affiliate network, but eBay operates on a slightly different model.

Instead of paying you per sale, eBay pays for traffic to the results.  So, depending on the product this could be a better or a worse deal.

Also, eBay has higher traffic requirements for its affiliates than most programs due to the emphasis on CPC.

One major drawback is that there are a lots of pirated items on eBay’s platform, and you’ll have to do an extensive search to get the best offers.

What Makes eBay Better Than Clickbank?

It is difficult to run out of products to promote, and some offer impressively high commission rates to affiliates. So, if you want to sell physical goods for CPC commissions, join the eBay partner network. 

No sense trying to hide it, Avangate Affiliate Network is similar to ClickBank in that they both focus mostly on software offers. 

What Makes Avangate Affiliate Network Better Than Clickbank?

  • Avantage Affiliate Network features niched down offers. In summary, this means you’ll be able to tap into everything from payment processing to anti-virus software. Great if you’re looking for diversity for your audience. 

  • Avantage Affiliate Network is somewhat overlooked by affiliate marketers. I know everyone is on ClickBank. This mean good news for you because there are a ton of untapped offers at Avantage. 

  • Avantage Affiliate Network offers a few products with larger commission rates than ClickBank.  Yeah, since they offer really niched down products, you can expect better deals.

  • This is a good alternative to Clickbank if you’re looking for something that’s not overly saturated with other marketers.
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So, there you have it our 10 Great ClickBank Alternative For 2023.

As you can see there are tons of ClickBank alternatives for you to choose from but before you jump off the waggon ensure that you figure out what works best for you.

On the face of it some alternatives have better overall offer with higher commission rates and better services but that does not mean you should totally bail ClickBank. Maybe, you can add some of these programs to your existing affiliate list and gain some diversification in your portfolio.

Whatever you decide, the list is here to aid you so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out by leaving a comment and we will diligently  follow up.

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