10 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs

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10 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs

Today we are going to talk about 10 of the best affiliate programs for meditation and relaxation.

It is time to wind down and re-balance that core chi in your body.

Your audience needs your best short list for meditation hubs and spas ..

So let’s dive right into the top pick.

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Cookie window: 30 days

Commission: 12%

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Yoga Download provides a 14-day meditation program.

That is perfect for anyone — for those who have been practicing for a long time or those new to yoga.

And they’re affordable too. 

Their meditation classes focus on relaxation, self-healing, self-improvement etc.

Each meditation session is unique in terms of teacher, style, and intensity.

You can earn a 12% commission  on each sale you make. 

On top of that, they have a 30-day cookie window.

You can start by promoting their amazing 14-day program.


ziva meditation image

Cookie window: 30 days

Commission: 25%

Ziva offers a 15-day meditation training program to ease your mind and get better at life.

They practice meditation to enhance a calm and stress-free mindset.

They are trusted by big-name brands around the world..

And they have a global social mentality..

With 10% of their proceeds donated to climate change.

Their technique helps improve your mental state..

As an affiliate you can focus on their..

flagship meditation training, and zivaKIDS.

Their online courses will cost around $399..

This is not bad at commission rate of 25%. 

hugger mugger affiliate image

Cookie window: 21 days

Commission: 10%

The Hugger Mugger was founded in 1986..

They have developed the first non-skid Tapas yoga mat.

Hugger Mugger’s got everything you need to start meditation and yoga.

They offer great classes plus they have a product suite of high-quality equipment.

Lot to offer your audience..

Yoga bolsters and mats, cushions and benches, and even clothing.

So, great opportunity for upsale plus you can earn a 10% commission with a cookie period of 21 days.

mindful exercises image

Cookie window: 180 days

Commission: Up to $599 referral fee

Sean Fargo, a former Buddhist Monk, started Mindfulness Exercises in 2014.

Mindfulness provides helpful tools for relaxation and meditation.

It is for anyone who wants to help others live a happier and healthier life.

The courses include worksheets, e-books, and certifications.

You can earn up to $599 in referral fees along with a generous cookie life of 180 days.

live and dare image

Cookie window: 120 days

Commission: 8% (base), 2% (coupon)

Live and Dare is a self-help blog created by Giovanni Dienstmann

He is also a meditation coach, an author, and a speaker.

From guided meditations and various techniques,,,

Live and Dare ensure that you achieve personal growth and live a calm life.

They also have a companion app for members of the program..

Great right!

This will provide users with a meditation tool right in their pocket.

Affiliates can earn an 8% base commission, with an additional 2% for coupons.

The program also has a whopping 120-day cookie window.

That is more than enough time for you to do your promotions.

bean products affiliate program image

Cookie window: 30 days

Commission: 10%

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Planning to practice yoga and meditation, but have no equipment?

Since 1987, Bean Products has offered:

environmentally friendly health and wellness products made from recycled materials. 

Their product line include: meditation benches, cushions, and mats

These are all catered to practitioners and enthusiasts of yoga and relaxation.

If you’re looking to promote meditation products..

Then Bean Products is worth checking out.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on an average product price of $114.

Mindplace image

Cookie window: 120 days

Commission: 30%

If you’re into meditation devices, MindPlace is a great choice.

Their feature “Mind Machines” mimic the futuristic goggles and headsets you see in films.

Some people might be on the fence about a device to keep your mind at ease.

But rest assured about this device..

It cancels out all distractions and helps your mind enter into a meditative state.

We are talking about a microprocessor-controlled sound and light pulses device.

Take a journey through peace and tranquility with Mindplace.

It will cost shoppers around $259 to get their hands on one.

That is great news for affiliates at a commission rate of 30%…

Not bad!

Plus you have a cookie window of a whopping 120 days.

From their high-tier system “Kasina DeepVision,”..

You can earn $69 for each sale.

better listen affiliate program image

Cookie window: 45 days

Commission: 15%

BetterListen was founded in 2013.

It provides a wide library of audio and video online courses.

All centering on all things which are spiritual.

These courses cover different Buddhist and Kabbalist methods and practices.

Showcasing various spoken-word authors,,,

BetterListen assures they’ve got something for everyone.

Not only that.

But convenience is their top priority.

You can download their audio courses on the go..

No need for internet access.

Affiliates can earn a 15% commission.

That’s around $2.60 for each sale.

But don’t be discouraged,,

As their products cover a variety of topics..

With high volume you still can earn from the program.

Dr Jonathan Parker image

Cookie window: 45 days

Commission: 20%

Dr. Jonathan Parke is a spiritual counselor for over 40 years, 

He has helped thousands of people deal with their personal life issues.

The Soul Solution,” a book written by Parker,,

Focuses on self-guided meditation.

 This can help you with self-improvement, enlightenment, etc.

Dr. Parket is even backed by the biggest names in the industry.

Here, people are well equipped..

With a handful of online courses to get them started..

(Spiritual journey 一 from self-hypnosis to karma).

You can earn a 20% commission or $19 for every sale as an affiliate..

Breath is life image

Cookie window: 60 days

Commission:  up to 70% and higher

Are you interested in learning the ways of ancient meditation practices?

The Breath is Life Meditation and Breathing program might be ideal for you.

Breathwork helps you to reduce stress. 

Not to mention..

This solution also guides you in overcoming anxiety, fear, grief, anger, and depression.

Their courses include:

1) Ripped at 50

2) A Journey to Self-love

3) Breath is Life

4) Meditation and BreathWork

All in all they..

Combine real-life stories, ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and simple practices.

Commissions range from 70% and higher.

They also have a great 60-day cookie period.

I know!

That’s probably one of the highest commissions rate in the affiliate market.

meditation image

Yeah those were the 10 best meditation affiliate programs.

They are worth checking out. 

We’ve covered a diverse range of companies..

Providing meditation, relaxation products, and other services

Like online courses, meditation devices, and self-help learning tools.

So, before you go let’s know if we miss any of your favorite programs..

Leave a comment below.

And most of all.

Choose an affiliate program that you will be willing to promote to your audience.

It is a win win deal.

You earn a bit of money while your audience get their healthy life style going..

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