The 12 Best Music Affiliate Programs In 2023

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Music has always been a huge part of my life and these days I am hook on Spotify and Apple Music streaming. 

So, if you are anything like me you might be interested in this article, The 12 Best Music Affiliate Programs.

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What Can You Promote With A Music Affiliate Program?

Here are some of the goods  and services sold  in this niche and maybe some of them are a great match for your website.


Musical instruments image

Yeah, instruments are among the highest-ticket items you can promote in this niche space.

There are a number of online shopping available for every musical instrument used by performing artists, kids play, marching bands etc.

Some of the  most popular instruments around the world are drums, saxophones, violins, cellos, clarinets,and guitars. And as you know the cost per sale for these instruments may range from a few hundred dollars to a yikes price tag of thousands of dollars.


Music Classes Image

Music classes can take on many forms in this niche. Promotions can range from  showcasing books, video courses, or tutors to musicians in your audience. 

Accessories And Cleaning Kits

In most cases high ticket instruments can be expensive to maintain. This  include servicing wood instruments, fixing string instruments that need new strings, and general cleaning of your instrument. 

The Best Music Affiliate Programs To Make Money In 2023

So, now that you know that there are tons of income potentials to make money in the music affiliate programs space,,

let’s look at some of the best options available for promotion.

Pianoforall is one of those music courses that helps people play the piano. They provide a wide range of learning tools like Ebooks, videos, and audio lessons for performers at all levels.

Subscribers can instantly access hundreds of resources with a reasonable one-time fee of $79. For your affiliate program you can opt to promote their subscription services and/or their one-time lessons. 

We love Pianoforall as they offer a generous 60% commission rate plus their cookie window is 90-days.

 Commission rate: 60%

 Cookie duration: 90 days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, check

 Types of Products: Piano lessons

Audimute an acoustic power house for over 20 years, sells high-quality wall panels, sound barriers, and other supplies.  Most musicians who need to prepare rooms to record music use panels like these to ensure better recordings.

These acoustic panels are also used by recording studios, corporate offices, and many other big-spending customers. So, if you have a website that reaches this type of audience, you can generate great income with every sale.

You can sign up for this program directly from their web page or from ShareASale. Key offer term is their commission rate of up to 5 percent on every product sold. It is estimated that  the average order value is over $200.

 Commission rate: 5%

 Cookie duration: 60-days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, check

 Types of Products: Acoustic wall panels

Well established since 2007 as a small music studio in London, Prime Loops has developed into one of the chosen online stores for audio presets and music samples. 

You can purchase digital music in any genre – Hip Hop, Lofi, Afrobeats etc. In total, it has around 10,000+ audio samples produced by several studios. 

Their affiliate program allows you to market these lovely tracks and collect a 20% commission rate when you’re successful. One drawback is that you need heavy traffic as their prices are relatively low at a range between $5-20.

 Commission rate: 20%

 Cookie duration: 14-days cookie

 Payment methods: Paypal

 Types of Products: Music samples

Singing Machine is different as it sells karaoke products that you can use at home. 

Yep, they are one of the pioneering brands that offer at-home karaoke equipment as well as music libraries. 

The great news is that you may do well with this affiliate program if your site focuses on event topics, family fun, or entertainment management.

You can promote the machines and accessories.  The affiliate program is managed on the Refersion network, pays a 5% commission rate for most items and has a cookie window of 30-days. Also, affiliates may be offered different rates based on product type or affiliate promotions.

 Commission rate: 5%

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Paypal, Payment Rails 

 Types of Products: Karaoke machines

Singorama is a platform that has online singing classes that will help strengthen your vocal cords while teaching you how to properly reach the high notes that many of us dream of. There are several courses available and there are also courses for songwriting.

Host on Clickbank they offer a 70% commission rate per sale on instant download products and a 40% commission rate on shipped music media courses.

We know that you don’t normally get these high commission rates every day,,,

Hence, we recommend giving this program a try.

 Commission rate: 70%

 Cookie duration: 60-days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, wire transfers, checks  

 Types of Products: Voice lesson software

Sam Ash is a household name since 1924 and they are a major music retailer and one of the largest family-owned musical stores.

Their online marketplace sells over 40, 000 products, including new and used musical instruments, sound equipment and more.

It is safe to say if you have a music-related website you will find niche-relevant items to promote here. There are plenty of high-quality instruments for sale with relative high price tags. The affiliate commissions are paid on a sliding scale, where you can earn a commission rate as high as 10% on each sale.

 Commission rate10% (based on performance) per sale

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, paypal, checks  

 Types of ProductsMusical instruments, DJ equipment accessories, audio lessons, and lots more

Maestro Classics  is another icon operating since 2004. They sell teaching aids for children which are designed for a lifelong love of classical music. The website sells downloadable music, online lessons, books, and curriculums.

If you cover parenting topics, STEM preparation, or other related topics, this program may fit your needs better than the others.

Affiliates can earn a 10% commission rate on all sales of CDs and MP3s through the affiliate program and the cookie window is 30-days.

 Commission rate10% (based on performance) per sale

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Paypal  

 Types of ProductsTeaching aids

Established since 1977 The Music Stand has built itself as one of the super destinations for shoppers looking for music related gifts.  It’s stocked with tons of items for you to shop (books, music stands, clothing, accessories and more)

The great part is that you can promote any item for 10% net monthly commissions and within a 30-days cookie window.

 Commission rate10%

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Paypal, auto-deposit, credit card, or eCheck 

 Types of Products: Multiple products

Rocket Piano is a learning platform that up to a  million customers have used to learn how to play the piano from beginners to advance learners . The courses are now available both digitally and in hardback.

This affiliate program will be for niche  sites that have piano-focused content. It may also fit some sites that are focused on self-improvement lessons.

 Commission rate: 25-75%

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Wire transfer, direct deposit, or check 

 Types of Products: Piano lessons

MasterClass is a streaming platform with classes taught by famous artists in their field. It offers a variety of classes including music and it has many instructors with musical backgrounds, including Usher, Alicia Keys, and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

With a subscription, members can access all the available content. Affiliate marketers who are accepted can also promote their annual membership which has a valued of $180.

Currently hosted on ShareASale this program  offers affiliates a commission rate of 25% per sale. Also, once you are  approved, you can take advantage of their free banners and their support account management team.

 Commission rate: 25%

 Cookie duration: 30-days cookie

 Payment methods: Direct deposit, check or Payoneer 

 Types of Products: Online streaming classes

Virtual Sheet Music is known to be one of the largest platforms for downloadable sheets. They carry sheets for nearly every popular musical instrument and arrangement. You can say they are a master in that space and they have customers from all areas which includes: universities, orchestras, wedding performers ,and theaters.

As an affiliate marketer in this program, you have a potential earnings of  30% commission on all sales once you join the program. You can claim that commission by selling individual items or a subscription plan which cost $37.75/year.

Another good news is that you can earn renewal income from future subscriptions.

This program is also well known for its 30 years cookie window

 Commission rate: 30%

 Cookie duration: 30-years cookie

 Payment methodsCheck or paypal

 Types of Products: Downloadable music sheets

Guitar Center sells over 40,000 products, including thousands of guitars, basses, keyboards, drum sets and amps, as well as recording, mixing, lighting and DJ gear. They are a large retailer focused on musicians and their needs.

Their multiple product offer can make this affiliate program an easy fit for music websites and in many different sub-niches. 

One drawback is that Guitar Center affiliate program does not disclose its commission rates to unregistered affiliates. But people in the program have indicated that their commission rate ranges from 6-8% per sale, with higher rates applying to some premium items.

 Commission rate: 6-8%

 Cookie duration: 14-days cookie

 Payment methodsCheck

 Types of ProductsInstruments, DJ equipment, accessories, and much more

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There you have it our 12 Best Music Affiliate Programs to make money in 2023. As you can see from the summary table below , the commission rate in the music affiliate industry space varies. You can get rates at 5% while some even go up as high as 70%. 

So, after reading through this lovey list we provided, we hope you’re ready to join the music program(s) that you like for your niche site.

But remember to always take into consideration the average order value (AOV)  so that you can get a good sense of how much you can potentially earn.

Whatever you decide, the list is here to guide you so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out by leaving a comment below and we will follow up accordingly.

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