9 Best Affiliate Programs For Weight Loss

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Do You Want To Promote A Good Weight Loss Affiliate Program?

Are you thinking of promoting a weight loss products and/or programs on your blog

Don’t be scare as you’re on a good path. 

That’s because tons of people today struggle with being overweight or obese and they truly need your help and guidance . 

In fact, 41%  of the adults in USA are struggling with their weight.

That’s almost half the population of the United States!

If you want to help people to get on the right track and progress on the road to fitness then promoting awesome weight loss products and programs is a pretty cool idea. 

Are you looking for which ones will earn you a sizable commission? 

If you’re asking these questions, read on.

In this blog, we’ll showcase 9 weight loss affiliate programs that your audience (and you) will love. 

So let’s dive in!

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Commissions: 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Here’s the hard part about dieting.

People don’t want to eat bland and boring food. That’s why when you introduce low-calorie meals and snacks that are also palate-pleasing…

…they’ll be sure to jump on board.

This is what you get with Diet Direct.

The company offers snacks and meal plans that are weight-loss inducing, but also delicious. Plus, they offer supplements that help people shed off those extra pounds the fast, easy way.

The best part is, they’re big on meal delivery. 

Subscribers can go for a 4, 8, or 12-week plan, enjoying delicious and healthy food delivered to their doorstep daily.

On a whole Diet Direct offers 10% commissions with a 30-day cookie window. What’s more, you get 5% of anything returning customers buy something.

WonderSlim Brand: by Diet Direct

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Commission: 30%

Cookie window: Lifetime

Good stuff!!!

Weight Loss Evolved argues that losing weight isn’t a secret…

…but a science.

It prides itself on a program designed specially by physicians, perfected in a Colorado clinic for 10 years.

And it’s not about going on any shady YOYO diet or a crazy exercise routine. Its promise is weight loss the healthy way, through exercise programs that fit the busy individual’s schedule, plus meal prep guides. A comprehensive program for users to follow.

What’s more, this program is easy to follow and guarantees results in only 14 weeks.  

Do  you think your audience will be interested in losing weight quickly the healthy, sustainable way? 

We think so!

Tell them about Weight Loss Evolved. Our guess is they’ll love you for it.

Commission: $45 per sale

Cookie window: 45 days   

So, your audience wants to lose weight.

They’re probably sighing and groaning, imagining dry, yucky, bland, tasteless food.

But with Bistro MD, it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s because Bistro MD is all about food that’s mouthwatering + healthy.

And it really is a healthy choice for customers.

Each meal is designed by a doctor, so you can be sure you’re getting the right amount of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and nutrients you need.

The best part is, it’s super convenient.

It’s a meal delivery service, so your audience can skip the long hours prepping and cooking, and enjoy fresh meals arriving at their doorstep daily.

Commission: $10 per sale

Cookie window: 14 days

If you have ever tried to lose weight in your life, you’ve probably heard about Weight Watchers.

That’s because they’ve been around forever (a.k.a. since 1963).  Hmmmm, long before some of us  were borned.

What’s amazing about them is that they aren’t some fad diet that’s here today, gone tomorrow. No they have longevity.

They’ve stood to the test of time with their unique way of helping people lose weight and keep those unwanted pounds off. Your audience will love something like this.

Plus, there’s something in it for you too.

When someone signs up, you get a flat rate of $10 within a 14-day cookie window.

How Does Weight Watchers Work- James Corden Lost 20 Lbs

Commission: $50.66

Cookie window: 60 days  

We all know that losing weight is super hard work especially when you are in the aging population demographic.

We need to keep the calories down, stick to bland food, and exercise an average 3-5 times a week.

But what if it could be easier? What if we could lose weight “literally” in our sleep?

Eat Sleep Burn says we can. Their perspective is that weight loss is all about reducing inflammation through resetting our sleep cycles. 

The idea is that excess cortisol makes us gain weight…

…so getting rid of it through sleeping should will have the opposite effect on our bodies.

Should you join Eat Sleep Burn’s affiliate program?

Well, considering that most people would love to lose weight without hard work, YES.

Plus, it pays out quite well at $50.66 per sale.

Commission: 2-10%

Cookie window: 60 days

So, everyone knows that losing weight isn’t one-tiered.

It’s not all about starving yourself to death.

In other words, you might need to hit the gym sometime in your weight loss program. 

With Bluefin Fitness, this is made super easy. That’s because they offer quality equipment that you can store and use in the comfort of your home.

Do you think your audience is looking for a solution like this?

If they buy any of the gym equipment, you get up to 10% commission (not bad, considering that gym equipment can costs hundreds of dollars).

Commission: pays 75% for all subscribers you refer.

Cookie window: 30 days 

The painful truth is, losing weight these days is all about fads and YOYO diets.

People go for the new, the flashy, and the plans that give them the quick fix “magical” results without hard work.

But in the long-run, these diets fall flat. The people who get into them find themselves without sustainability,,,

–regaining their weight back as quickly as they lost it.

What really matters is a gentle, sustainable, long-term plan that works. And that’s exactly what the Mayo Clinic Diet offers.

It’s been around since 1864, helping people achieve not only weight loss but also living a healthy lifestyle.

So, if your audience wants long-lasting results, tell them about the Mayo Clinic Diet.

They’ll love it.

And you will too, because you could potentially earn up to $40 from each referral you make.

For the latest reference lifestyle and cookbook by Mayo Clinic check out:Cook Smart, Eat Well -2022 edition by : Jennifer A. Welper.

Commission: 20%

Cookie window: 7 days which is quit low

They say that Dieting alone is HARD WORK.

There are days when you don’t feel like it.

That is because there’s a TON of temptation everywhere you turn.

That’s why having a support system while trying to lose weight is life changing. And that’s what Medifast Direct stands for.   

Medifast Direct is all about meal plans shipped to clients…but not only that. It’s also about getting support from a coach, so you’re motivated to move towards your goals.

Do you think that your audience needs this kind of weight loss guidance?

If Yes!

Then tell them about Medifast Direct.

You get pay up to 20% in commissions, plus 3% for all orders made by existing customers. 

Commission: 7%

Cookie window: 90 days

What would the world of weight loss be without professional coaches and fitness experts?

Not too great!

That’s why at ACE Fitness, the goal is to multiply the number of professionals who can help others lose weight and achieve their fitness goals.


Ace Fitness offers certifications to those who want to go into the weight loss industry.

This sounds Cool, right?

To make things better, the company has been around for a long long time and garnered a ton of trust. Amazing fact: over the years they’ve helped 35 million people lose weight!

And you can be part of this movement today.

When you join their program, you won’t only be earning 7% in commissions for each sign up…

…but also helping potential weight loss coaches achieve their dream.

Transform the lives of others, and make money doing what you love!

Weight Loss Affiliate Programs – Picking The Best Of The Best

weight loss program image

The truth is, not all weight loss affiliate programs are created equal and you cannot apply the peanut butter approach to this problem. Your audience might be all over the map when it comes to which recommendation they will try.

Also, if you pick the wrong affiliate program, and you’ll end up with disgruntled set of followers and a wallet that grows slimmer and slimmer as each day passes.

This is why you need to focus on choosing a hand full of the top A+ programs.

Think it’ll be hard?

It won’t.

Begin with the nine mentioned above, and you’ll already have a HUGE head start..

Test your audience and get a feel for what they would like in a weight loss program.

Let’s know if we miss any of your favorite weight loss affiliate programs by leaving your comment now.

And remember to choose the ones you love and your audience will love them too. 

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